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By | December 17, 2021

The latest Amdocs Recruitment 2021 details are provided here for the candidates  who are sincerely trying hard to get the job in the IT Sector. Doing a job after  completing the education will help the fresher aspirant to improve knowledge of  various programming languages and to uplift their career. On this page, we are  providing complete information about the Amdocs Recruitment Process for freshers  candidates. Applicants who are willing to make their career in a dream company like  Amdocs can refer to this page and come to an idea about the latest Amdocs Careers  2021 job openings situated across India. 

Who are we? 

If you’re a smartphone user then you are part of an ever more connected and digital  world. At Amdocs, we are leading the digital revolution into the future. From  virtualized telecommunications networks, Big Data, and the Internet of Things to  mobile financial services, billing, and operational support systems, we are continually  evolving our business to help you become more connected. We make sure that  when you watch a video on YouTube, message friends on Snapchat, or send your  images on Instagram, you get great service anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  We are at the heart of the telecommunications industry working with giants such as  AT&T, Vodafone, Telstra, and Telefonica, helping them create an amazing new  world for you where technology is being used in amazing new ways every single day. 

Job ID: 137471 

Required Travel: No Travel 

Managerial – No

Location: India- Pune (Amdocs Site) 

What will your job look like 

∙ You will provide engineering expertise to troubleshoot, modify and engineer  software solutions and configurations to ensure the product/solution performs  within optimal design specifications. 

∙ You will investigate, debug and reproduce issues, provide fixes and  workarounds and verify changes to ensure continued operability of the  software solution. 

∙ You will demonstrate continuous improvements and increased efficiency to  the software or business processes utilizing Software Engineering tools,  innovative techniques, and the reuse of existing solutions. 

∙ You will contribute to meeting the SLAs and KPIs as applicable for the  account and unit – for example, responsiveness, resolution, software quality,  etc. 

∙ You will communicate with internal/ external customers to enhance the  understanding of customer problems, and verify that an appropriate resolution  has been applied. 

All you need is. 

∙ Bachelor’s degree in Science/ IT/ Computer Science or equivalent ∙ Strong technical, analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills ∙ Required knowledge in C++, Java, SQL & Unix 

Why you will love this job. 

∙ You will gain valuable experience and wide knowledge of Software integrative  systems.

∙ You will be exposed to advanced market technologies. ∙ You will work with multiple channels and diverse areas of expertise. 

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