Punjabi University Result 2020 Check PU B.Sc B.Com BA MA Result 2020

By | August 24, 2020

About Punjabi University

Situated in Patiala, Punjab, India, the Punjab University is a higher education institute that offers teachings and researches in science, engineering, social sciences, technology, performing arts, humanities and sports. On 30 April 1962 was it established and it’s the second university in the world to be named after a language, the first one is Hebrew University of Israel.

Course Offered by Punjabi University

The courses offered by Punjabi University include –

Diploma/ Certificate Courses, M. P. Ed. (2 Years), MBA (Dual Degree) (Direct Admission Without Entrance Test), MBA (International Business) (Direct Admission Without Entrance Test), M. A., M. Sc., PG Dip, B. Lib. and Information Science, M. Lib. and Information Science,B.A. (Hons.) in Journalism, Mass Communication & Media Technology (3 Years),  M. Pharmacy, Master of Physiotherapy, B. A. and other Bachelor Level Courses in Neighborhood Campuses, Five Year Integrated Courses in Neighborhood Campuses, Etc

About Punjabi University Exams

The University of Punjab has conducted Annual and Semester examinations in the month of March and in the month of April. The results of the exams conducted on the said months are to be published by the month of May. All the students of Punjab University are eagerly waiting for their results. We need you all to be patient and stay tuned to the official website of Punjab University so that you update yourself on the results.

Latest Declared Results 2020 FIND ALL THE BELOW RESULTS ON
B.Com. Honors Sem-V
B.Tech. (Computer Science &Engg.) Sem-V
M.Sc. Forensic Science Sem-III
M.Sc. Physics Sem-I
B.A. with (Gurmat Sangeet) Sem-III
M.A. Tabla Sem-I
Add On Courses
M.A. Punjabi Sem-III (Private)
M.Sc. Mathematics Sem-III
Certificate Course in Punjabi Typing and Shorthand Exam.(Six Months)
M.Pharmacy Sem-I
M.Pharmacy Sem-II (Re-appear
M.A. Punjabi Sem-III Private & C.C. (Old Syllabus) Re-appear
L.L.B. Sem-I
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) Semester – V
Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management Sem-I
B.Ed. Sem-III (Re-appear)
B.Tech. (E.C.E.) Sem-V
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (B.J.M.C.) Sem-III
B.A.L.L.B. Sem-VII
M.Sc. Mathematics (A.M.C) Sem-I
M.A. History Improvement (Semester System)
L.L.M. (Two Year) Sem-III
B.Ed. Special Education (M.R.) Sem-I
Bachelor of Hotel Management Sem-V
M.A.Religious Studies Sem-III (CC, Private & Re-appear)
B.Com. Sem-V
B.Lib Semester-II (Re-appear)
B.Sc. Honors Chemistry Sem-III
B.Sc. (M.C.M.) Sem-III (New Syllabus)
B.Sc. Annual Improvement
M.Sc. Mathematics Sem-I
B.A. with (Gurmat Sangeet) Sem-II (Online Course)
Diploma in Punjabi Computing
B.Ed. Special Education (M.R.) Sem-III
B.Sc. H.H.M. Sem-I (Reappear)
B.Sc. Agriculture (Horticulture) Semester-VII
B.Sc. Agriculture (Horticulture) Semester-V
B.Sc. Agriculture (Horticulture) Semester-III
B.A. Hon’s School Course in Social Science Sem-III
B.Tech. (Civil Engg.) Sem-VIII- MAY-2020
B.Sc. (C.S.M.) Sem-V
B.A. Honors School Course in Gurmat Sangeet Sem-V
B.Voc. Retail Management & I.T. Sem-I
B.M.I.T. Sem-III
P.G.D.C.A. (Annual)
B.Sc. Fisheries Science Sem-VII
B.Sc. (Honors) Physics Sem-V
B.Sc. (Fisheries Science) Sem-III
B.A.L.L.B. Sem-IX
B.A. with (Gurmat Sangeet) Sem-I (Online Course)- DEC-2018
B.A.L.L.B. Sem-V
L.L.B. (Three Year) Sem-III
B.A. Part – III- APR-2014
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Sem-VI
B.Tech. (M.E) Sem-VIII- MAY-2020
B.B.A. Sem-V
B.Tech. (C.S.E) Sem-VIII- MAY-2020
M.Sc. Human Genetics Sem-I
B.Tech. (Computer Science &Engg.) Sem-VII
B.Sc. Fisheries Science Sem-V
B.Sc. Mathematics Computing Sem-V (Regular & Re-appear)
P.G.D.C.A. Sem-I (Re-appear) Grading- MAY-2019
P.G.D.C.A. Sem-I (Re-appear) Non-Grading- MAY-2019
M.Sc. Zoology Sem-III
B.Tech. (E.C.E.) Sem-VIII- MAY-2020
B.Voc (Graphic and Animation) Semester-III
B.Voc. Industrial Waste Technology Sem-V
M.Sc. Astronomy & Space Physics Sem-I
M.Sc. Nano-Science & Technology Sem-I
Diploma in Computer Engineering Sem-III
M.Com. Finance Sem-I
M.Com. Honors (Five Year Course) Sem-III
M.A. Defense Studies Sem-III (Private Candidates)
B.Sc. Human Development Sem-I
B.Sc. Home Science Sem-I
M.A. Philosophy Sem-I (Private)
M.C.A. Sem-I- NOV-2019
Post Graduate Diploma in Social Impact Assessment
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology Sem-I
B.Pharmacy Sem-III (Re-appear) (Non-Grading)
B.Pharmacy Sem-III
B.Pharmacy Semester – V
B.Pharmacy Sem-V Reappear
B.Pharmacy Sem-VII
M.Pharmacy Sem-III
B.Sc. Honors in Mathematics Sem-V
M.B.A. (International Business) Sem-I
M.B.A. I.C. Sem-VII
M.B.A. Applied Management Sem-V
M.B.A. Financial Management Sem-V
M.A. Sociology Sem-I (CC) Reappear
M.A. Sociology Sem-I (CC)
M.B.A. C.C. Sem-II
B.Sc. Agriculture (Six Year Integrated) Sem-XI
M.Lib. (Annual)
Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication Sem-I
M.P.T. Sem-III
M.A. (Gurmat Sangeet Gyan) Sem – IV (online Course)- MAY-2019
Diploma in Agricultural Sem-I
B.Sc. Agriculture (Six Year Course) Sem-VII
M.A. English Part-II Reappear- FEB-2020
M.J.M.C. Sem-III (Distance Education)
B.Sc. Fashion Technology Sem-I
B.A. Hon’s in TV & Film Production Sem-V
B.A. Honors School Course in TV & Film Production Sem-I (Re-appear)
Master of Physiotherapy (Semester-I)
B.A. Honors in Economics (FYIC) Sem-V
B.Sc. Fashion Technology Sem – III
Diploma in E.C.E Sem-VI
B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) Semester – VII- NOV-2019
M.Sc. Fashion Design & Technology Sem-I
M.Sc. Fashion Design & Technology Sem-III
M.Sc. Fashion Technology Sem-I
B.A. Honors School In Political Science Sem-V
B.A. Honors School in Economics Sem-III
B.Tech. (E.C.E.) Sem-VII- NOV-2019
Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Marketing Management Sem-I
M.J.M.C. Sem-I
M.B.A. (International Business) Sem-III
M.Sc. Honors Botany (FYIC) Sem-I
M.Com. Finance Sem-III
M.Com. Honors Five Year Integrated Sem-IX
M.Com. Honors Five Year Integrated Sem-IX (Re-appear) Non-Grading
M.A. Gurmat Sangeet-Gayan Sem-III (Online Course)- DEC-2018
M.A. Gurmat Sangeet-Gayan Sem-I (Online Course)- DEC-2018
B.A. Honors School in Economics (Three Year Course) Sem-V
B.A. Honors School Course in Punjabi Sem-III
M.A. Honors in Economics (FYIC) Sem-III- MAY-2019
M.Sc. Physics Sem-III
B.A. Honors School In English Sem-V
B.A. Honors School in Dance Sem-V
B.B.A. Sem-III (Regular & Re-appear)
B.A. Honors School Course in History Sem-V
B.Sc. Agriculture Business Management Sem-III
Bachelor of Hotel Management Sem-VII
Certificate Course in Computer Basic and Office Automation
Certificate Course in Computer Hardware Fundamentals (Three Months)
Certificate Course in Turner
Certificate Course in Welder
M.Sc. Chemistry Sem-I (Non-Grading)
M.Sc. Food & Nutrition Sem-III
M.Sc. Sports Science Sem-III
M.Sc. (Sports Science) Sem-I
M.Sc. Chemistry Sem-I
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights & Duties Sem-I
Certificate Course in Bakery & Cookery (Six month Course)
Post Graduate Diploma in Punjabi Lok Geet& Sufi Sangeet Sem-I
Post Graduate Diploma in Women & Child Development Sem-I
M.B.A. I.C. Sem-V
B.Voc. (Fashion Technology) Sem-III (Regular & Re-appear)
B.A. Honors School in Dance Sem-IV- MAY-2019
M.A. Honors School Course in TV & Film Production (FYIC) Sem-I
M.A. Honors School Course in TV & Film Production (FYIC) Sem-III
B.Voc. Retail Management Sem-I (Regular & Re-appear)
B.Voc. Software Development Sem-V (Regular & Re-appear)
B.Voc. (Banking Insurance & Retailing) Sem-I (Regular & Re-appear)
M.A. Sociology Sem-I
Post Graduate Diploma in Diaspora Studies Sem-I
B.A. Honors School Course in History Sem-III
B.Sc. Fashion Technology Semester – V
M.Com. Honors (Five Year Course) Sem-I (Grading System)
Post Graduate Diploma in Child Development & Counselling Sem-I
Certificate Course in Inclusive Education
B.Voc. Retail Management & Information Technology Sem-V
B.Voc (Medical Lab and molecular diagnostic technology) Sem-I
B.Voc. Software Development Sem-I (Regular & Re-appear)
B.Voc (medical lab and molecular diagnostic technology) Sem-III
B.Voc (Renewable Energy Technology) Sem-I
Post Graduate Diploma in Health Fitness Trainer Sem-I
M.A. Music Vocal Sem-I
M.Com. Honors Five Year Integrated Sem-VII
M.Com. Honors (FYIC) Sem-V
B.Sc. Medical/Non-Medical Sem-VI (Preponement)
M.B.A. (International Business) Sem-II (Preponement)
M.B.A. Sem-IV (Regular) (Preponement)
M.B.A. Financial Management Sem-VIII (Preponement)
M.B.A. Sem-III (C.C.)
B.Voc (Hardware Technology & Networking) Sem-I
B.Voc. Retail Management & IT Sem-III (Regular & Re-appear)
B.Voc.Food Processing Sem-I (Regular & Re-appear)
B.Voc. Food Processing Sem-III (Regular & Re-appear)
Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking Sem-I
Diploma in Food Production Sem-I
B.Voc. Retail Management Sem-III
M.A. TV & Film Production Sem-III
M.A. Linguistics Sem-I
M.J.M.C. Sem-III
M.A. Music Vocal Sem-III
M.A. Social Work Sem-I
M.A. Social Work Sem-III
M.A. Defense Studies Sem-I (Private Candidates)
M.A. Sikh Studies Sem-I (Private & Distance Education, Re-appear)
M.A. Sikh Studies Sem-III (Private & Distance Education, Re-appear)- JAN-2019
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance Sem-V
B.Sc. (Honors) Chemistry Sem-I
B.Com. Professional Sem-V (Reappear)
B.Com Professional Sem-III (Reappear)
B.Voc. (Fashion Technology) Sem-V
B.Voc (Graphic and Animation) Semester-I
M.Sc. Nano Science & Technology Sem-III
M.A. (Women Studies) Sem-I (CC)
M.A. (Women Studies) Sem-III (C.C.)
M.A. Education Sem-III (Distance Education)
M.A. Political Science (Private) Improvement- FEB-2020
Crash Course in Punjabi as Second Foreign Language
Diploma in Career Guidance
M.A. Philosophy Sem-III
M.A. Theater& Television Sem-III
B.C.A. Part-III (Annual)
B.C.A. Sem-II (Re-appear) Preponement
L.L.B. Sem-IV (Preponement)
L.L.B. Sem-VI (Preponement)
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Sem-I
M.Sc. Honors (Two Year Course) Botany Sem-I
M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy) Sem-I

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Punjabi University’s All Exam Resultshttps://pupdepartments.ac.in/puexam/t2/results/results.php
Punjabi University’s Official Websitehttp://www.punjabiuniversity.ac.in/

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